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Club Sports

Club Sports are a vital part of student life at Bucks County Community College. Club Sports provide students with the opportunity to compete with other schools in a variety sports. Bucks club sports are student-run, student led sport based organizations that are overseen by the Department of Student Life and Athletics. Participation in a club sport, the student needs to be an active student (full or part-time), sign the waiver forms and be on good standings with the college. 


To register for your sport... go to website, create an account using your Bucks email, log into your email to activate your account and join the your club(s) on the imleagues website. After you sign up you will be notified of practices, games (meets/matches/etc...) and have the ability to contact others interested. WE ARE LOOKING FOR CLUB CAPTAINS & PRESIDENTS!!!

Financial Obligations:
  • Financial allotment is provided through Student Activities allocations and disbursements are based on submitted budgets and review process by the Director of Student Life and Athletic Prprograms and department.
  • Dues are determined by the club's leadership with the Student Life and Athletic Department and must be paid in a timely manner
  • As determined by the club program leadership, club members may be obligated to participate, under the guidance of the Student Life and Athletic Department, in fund raising to meet or exceed the budgetary requirements of the team, as determined by the Head Coach/Club President/Captain or student leaders
  • All uniforms, equipment and use of Bucks' trade-marked logos must meet licensing and league requirements must be approved by Athletics
Participant Requirements:
  • Adherence to the rules and regulations of the Bucks County Community College Student Code of Conduct (including the expectations for good academic standing) and the Student Life and Athletics Department
  • Commitment to safety, skill instruction, and proper technique is a shared responsibility of all club sport members
  • Club sport participants must be committed to attending scheduled practice sessions

Bucks Club Sport Offerings: 


  - Women's Volleyball (archives)


RUNNING (Cross County, Track & Field)

  - Men's Cross County (archives)

  - Women's Cross Country (archives)


  - Men's Tennis (archives)

  - Women's Tennis (archives)


  - Men's Golf (archives)


For more information about a particular club or if you are interested in starting a new club, please contact Justin Burroughs at, call 215-497-8788 or complete the general information form.