Bucks County Community College offers an Intramural program open to the college free of charge. Intramurals sports with be advertised through My Bucks and through bulletin board flyers. Times and dates will be decied based off of how long it takes for each game and how many rounds of competition with take place to decide a champion.   Here are some examples of past intramural programs: Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Table Tennis, Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee and Tennis.

Bucks students organize teams and some sports may be individual play only. There are no formal practices held by the College. Officiating will be staff and student run. Rules will be created by the Athletic Department and enforced by the Intramural Coordinator. All the activities are open to both males and females. Students are welcome to suggest ideas or assist with Intramurals by emailing Student Life/Athletics at or 215-968-8257.



Open Gym Times:

Will start in the fall of 2016 (maybe canceled for class or athletic practice)
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 12PM-2:30PM
Tuesday, Thursday: 12PM-3PM 


2015-2016 Tentative Dates

Dodge Ball Tournament-November 6th

Cross Country Race-May 5th (3PM)

Indoor Soccer League-Starts week of November 9th
League plays every Tuesday & Thursday (games are 3pm and 4pm)
Open play November 10th & 12th at 3pm
League starts November 17th

4v4 Basketball League-Starts week of February 8th
League plays every Monday & Wednesday (games are at 2pm and 3pm)
Free Agent Games/Meetings are February 1st & 3rd
League starts February 8th

Monday: (2 PM)

(3 PM)

Wednesday: (2 PM)

(3 PM)

2/8: Nova vs Okay

Owls vs Gladiators

2/10: Dragons vs Bulge Gold

Hawks vs Average Joes

2/15: Hawks vs Bulge Gold

Dragons vs Okay

2/17: Average Joes vs Gladiators

Nova vs Owls

2/22: Owls vs Okay

Hawks vs Gladiators

2/24: Bulge Gold vs Nova

Dragons vs Average Joes

2/29: Nova vs Dragons

Hawks vs Owls

3/2: Average Joes vs Okay

Bulge Gold vs Gladiators

3/7: Gladiators vs Dragons

Villanova vs Average Joes

3/9: Bulge Gold vs owls

Okay vs Hawks

3/21: Nova vs Gladiators

Bulge Gold vs Okay

3/23: Average Joes vs Owls

Dragons vs Hawks

3/28: owls vs Dragons

Nova vs Hawks

3/30: Okay vs Gladiators

Bulge Gold vs Average Joes

4/4: 1 seed vs 4 seed

2 seed vs 3 seed

4/6: 2 pm winner vs 3pm winner

ß Championship


Cross Country Meet-Thursday, May 5th @ 3PM

Outdoor Volleyball Tournament-Friday, April 29th @ 3PM