Club Sports

Club Sports are a vital part of student life at Bucks County Community College. Club Sports provide students with the opportunity to compete with other schools in a variety sports. Bucks club sports are student-run, student led sport based organizations that are overseen by the Department of Student Life and Athletics.

For more information about a particular club or if you are interested in starting a new club, please contact Justin Burroughs at, call 215-497-8788 or complete the general information form.

Bucks Club Sport Offerings: 


Bucks County Community College participates in the Zone 3, Region 2, Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. The team is comprised of beginner riders who compete in the Walk/Trot Division through the more advanced riders who ride in the Open Flat and Fences Division. There are many different categories and levels for students to ride in.  The best part of the team is that, NO PRIOR RIDING EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! The team fully welcomes curious riders who always had an interest in horses, but never got an opportunity to learn. The farm is conveniently located about 10 minutes from the campus and has an indoor and outdoor riding arena so riding year round is not an issue. Lesson schedules are very flexible and are catered around the students class schedules.  Horse showing is also available to all the team members, but it is not mandatory that you compete.  If you choose to compete, the Bucks County Community College pays for ALL your entry fees for the horse shows.  Riders are responsible for paying for their individual riding lessons which are discounted to $25/per lesson.  For more info about the IHSA, please visit their website at: .